Help me please...UK expats?

Hello everyone I have a questions I need help with please! I have been offered a job in Mexico and am hoping to accept but one thing I have a criminal record! Will this be a problem? Do Mexico police check people before coming in? I don't want to go into details with stuff and was something when I was young a stupid! Can some please advise me on this? Thanks 🙏

I did not have to provide a report from my local police when I applied 8 years ago.  It would however be easy for the Mexican Consulate through which you apply to check directly.

I have found that the best course is asking the consulate and explaining your history.

In case of rejection, if you don't plan on bringing more than one or two suitcases your, alternative is to come in with a tourist card good for six months and go to the border every six months and get a new one.

Thank you for your help! It don't ask for a check but ask if you have a criminal record, I suppose if you put no would they check I wounded 😏

I could get a tourist visa but isn't it very difficult to get work?

It's best to be honest with the Consulate before you apply.

Whether the employer will honor the job offer, is up to the employer, but yes, you would be working illegally if you only had a tourist card.

Hi, this is a link that you should look at. … foreigners
It concerns your matter. Like "gudgreif" said be honest and talk with your local Mexican embassy or consulate.
Adios and good luck. GyC

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