facilities in Barwa ?

hi everyone,

just wondering what the current state of barwa is now. What sort of facilities are available?

gym ??
swimming pool?

thanks xx

If you mean barwa city, it’s good, all available except swimming pool.
You have LULU 2 stores, one for groceries, one for electronics,
Junk food like KFC, Papa Jones, Mackdonalds, some restaurants in the second floor in lulu
Starbucks there too, a lot of green areas,
People comes from everywhere on Friday to BBQ, you have newton schools also (4 schools, 2 British, 2 international) 
Minor traffic, at certain times (schools times since you have 4 schools, and on Fridays everybody in al wakra comes to lulu) close to medical centers, closest one beside religions complex
Nice for kids, but it’s far from Doha,
Rent is a little over rated

thank you so much for your reply.  information is very helpful indeed.

Do you know if there is fitness centre/gym locally in Barwa city pls ?

thanks ☺️

yes, included in amenities (electricity and water) included in rent, and gym for each block

thats great! thanks so much for your reply x ☺️


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