Customs clearance of personal goods.

Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know how to clear personal goods coming into England please? I would like to ship furniture from Indonesia and as a German citizen, is it possible to do so without a clearing agent? Your advise would be so appreciated! Thank-You and kind regards!

Anything with wood will may have to be fumigated, and you'll have to fill out a customs declaration.
Restaurant furniture, if that's part of the load, might well be treated differently from household items.
These are things to be checked with UK customs.

Hi Wiyana, here's some additional information straight from HMRC in case you need it: … -countries

I'm not sure your EU citizenship will have any bearing on it unfortunately, since the goods themselves are being imported from outside the EU, but you should be able to get in touch with them about that with these details.

I hope that helps at least a little!

Hi Exsiddy

Thanks so much for the information given! It's been interesting research and I reckon I'm on the right track. Take care and kind regards, Wiyana.

You're welcome, best of luck! One other thing to bear in mind is that calling the dear old HMRC isn't always the most enjoyable experience (I often experienced long waiting times while I was still in England), but persevere, I'm sure they can help!

Thanks for the drive and patience I need, and I'll let you know how it all went! We need people like you who have experience in such matters, and wishing you all the best in all your endeavors!

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