I am from the UK and may be relocating back to Bahrain in the near future, having been out before in the 2000's.

As a Brit I remember how poor the availability of UK TV was from the various local satellite providers. Can anyone advise if this has improved and whether with fibre optic broadband you can now get better internet tv? Ideally I want to be able to watch bbc iplayer, itv, channel 4 etc.

Your experiences would be most helpful!


I am afraid local satellite providers have not changed much, but Batelco is now providing fibre optics services across bahrain and this should smooth up streaming from the web, Again having said that some streaming services may not be available to Bahrain as a region you may have to use VPN to get through this. I am sure if anyone has more info to share they would definitely reply to the query.


I chromecast FilmOn like a boss! Only missed Ed Balls once and that's because I was watching a dude do ballet without Tights!

Thanks Lindo,

FilmOn is new to me. Is it reliable in Bahrain? Do you pay? What's the quality/streaming like?

Great to hear there is some light at the end of the tunnel 😄


Filmon is pretty reliable and the quality is reasonable on a 32inch TV.

I am watching all my country's channels via a dedicated IPTV box and mots of the time I have no issues, the performance will be very much dependent on your internet connection and the area you live (specially if you choose a non-adsl/fibre connection).

I have friend that are using apple tv and netflix without issues on an adsl line so if you have a fibre line you should be covered.

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