Tarjeta Sanitaria


I'm from Ireland and therefore an EU citizen. I have been living in Madrid for a little over a year now. For six months I was working and now I'm back studying Spanish in a private school.

I'm going to apply for this card but I was wondering if my GF is eligible also. She is from India but has been studying in Spain for 3 years (2+ in Salamanca, the rest in Madrid).

Also what healthcare does this entitle you to?


Hi Jimmurt,

You, as EU citizien, can ask for the European health card wich will entitle you to have the same healthcare than in Ireland.
Regarding your Girlfriend, I am sure that she had a health insurance through the University while she was studying, but, once she finishes her studies, if she hasn't had a job in Spain, she is not entitle to any helath coverage, so she will have to pay for a heath insurance until she finds a job.

Hope it helps. If you need any help, just let us know.


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Hi Rocio,

That's what I thought, thanks for your reply.

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