ISKL for my 15 year old daughter

Hi everyone
We are moving to KL Malaysia with our daughter
She will be enrolled as junior
We have been living in different contries and she has been studying in International schools in Mexico and in Brazil but now she goes to a huge public school in the US.

We heard that in ISKL, there are groups and they don't talk or do anything together from the kid from different group. And if you don't want to belong to any groups , you will be considered as weirdo and will be left alone during lunch time .
My daughter is a very friendly, outgoing , open minded person and she likes to be free
We also heard that the kids there are judgmental and they test you on the first day ....
I though the person who told this exagurated a little, but I don't think he would say this if none of these happens there

Has anyone heated something like this about ISKL?
Any experience or personal opinion will be greatly appreciated


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