Moving nepal for job....Any advice.

i am moving to Nepal for job in Kathmandu i am from India and dont know much about Nepal

plz Guide me what to do, and what not to do


So sorry to break this to you, but unless you are bringing a lot of money to invest in a business, there really are no jobs in Nepal. After the problems India created with the horrible border blockade  many Nepali are even more prejudice against India than they were before. India, in the minds of many Nepali, is the bully on the block like the US or China. So, unfortunately, many do not think about how we are not our government and may not agree with all our governments do. I know, I'm an American.

Students get all the education they can in Nepal against many obstacles only to graduate with a Master's or Bachelor's degree only to take a job for $60 a month. I wouldn't suggest competing with Nepali for such a job. Kathmandu is quite expensive to live in, as well.

Dear MadagascarNow

Thanks for Your Advice , but i got a job offer That's why i am coming in December...

.things are okk na

.....and if you do  bring a lot of money from your country into Nepal - and invest in a business there - don't forget that when time comes for you to take it out, you will discover how almost impossible it is to repatriate your capital and earnings, dividends, or any other profits you have been lucky enough to make....(despite any verbal assurances you may have received to the contrary when you first invested)
Nepal welcomes foreign investment but there is nothing to guarantee your dis-investment or financial a foreign currency...which is what any foreign investor will want.
Result:   At the end of the day,  you are stuck with nepalese rupees in Nepal you have to leave behind or give away...? but which in any event  are not convertible on the world markets

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