Transport from the US of small items

Can't find a forum for this but likely others have asked about assisting fellow expats by bringing things here, such as meds, seeds, or other small items.  I usually have a full load when I come but would be willing to make up a special added luggage for others, or if possible, cram something into my regular luggage. 

Currently, for example, I need to get rennet, citric acid and needed medIcations  (you likely know that something like Plavix is commonly an unreliable item here).
I have had terrible outcomes using common mailing methods to Vietnam from the US.  Customs rifles and outright steals items and the meager things that might otherwise arrive are frequently "lost" in transit.

Anybody else thinking the same? Or do you have some understanding that I lack?  Ten years of crapshoot is quite enough for me.


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