Cost foe Visa and work permit

Dear guys,

I got offer from topaz oil and gas division(TOGD)  .they ask me to manage and pay myself on visa and work permit.the price around us1500.the problem is, its valid or not.
I'm from Malaysia.

Dear Sir,

no that's not Valid and I believe that they gave you the number of the travel agency who will process the visa and the work permit so if this is the case be careful that's a scam

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Tq so much sir.


Do you work in oil and gas field..?

It's against the law for employees to pay the own work visas. The company should pay this not you.

Tq for your info.

Be understood the following points and stay away from it.

1. It is illegal to collect the expenses from the employee as it's the responsibility of the employer to provide visa for their employees.

2. They are asking too much money. The actual cost is less than $ 620 and it can be paid only through the account of your employer through online.

Considering these points, it is clearly understood that it's a scam.

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