A Sad Story and be Aware

I have a very sad story to tell you all and make you aware. I left Bahrain in March 2016 as I was made redundant. I entrusted to a friend to sell me my car for me and he promised to send me the money for the car back to the UK. We went to the traffic department and I gave him the power of attorney to sell the car only and not to drive it about. The car I was selling was a BMW *** model. In June to 2016 he told me he sold the car but the person who he sold the car too was a Bahraini but could only send me 3000 BD in June and would send the rest money in August 2016. August has long past and now my so called friend has sent excuse after excuse that the money would come and now for the last month he has ignored my calls via; skype, phone calls, viber and line. All have been ignored.
My wives mother died last month and I begged him through Skype to send the rest of the money as my wife would have to travel to Turkmenistan for the funeral and I had no money left to send her. He still ignored me and my wife could not travel for the funeral.
I even sent a message to his wife asking for her help and get her husband to call me all to know avail.
I am now looking for help and to give advice on how to get this man to either pay me the money or get the car back. I asked for the details of the buyer but he refused.
His wife *** works in a very prominent hairdressing salon in Bahrain and is owned by a very respected Bahraini woman.
I hope that Expats can help me on advise and how to get justice.


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Sorry to have to tell you this but I don't see any likelihood that you will get your money back.

You gave him a power of attorney which basically means you handed over all rights regarding the sale of the car. Even if you approach the police / courts and argue breach of the rights given in the power of attorney; it will be next to impossible to prove and a very expensive course of action.

Indeed a very sad situation to be in. Sorry to hear this. Looks like your "friend" was not really a "friend".

You can make a report with the Police, maybe even check with the Bahrain Embassy in your country. You also have legal recourse, but as XTang pointed out, its going to be a costly and time consuming exercise - and will be complicated by the fact that you are not physically here to attend hearings, etc.

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