New Friends and Language Exchange Group

Hi guys, who would like to have new friends and learn new language, pm me your numbers and be added to a watsapp group. Everyone is  welcome :)

I would very strongly recommend NOT passing any contact details to an unknown person.

We have absolutely no idea who this person is, or what they actually want your contact details for.

Hi everyone, accidentally posted by my old account. Its not a spam. Currently we have 14 ppl in the chat, and most of them are Russian speakers.  So we are in need of English native speakers :) If anyone is interested pls msg me.

Hello everyone,

@ Sabina (both) could you please drop an advert in the Language exchange in Almaty section of the website ?

P.S @ IamSabi, will have to confirm whether it is really your account. Sending you a pm right away.

All the best,

Hello..I am not English native, but I speak English, from Thailand ..could I join the group? 😃

Hi!  Sure!)

Tks for reply . I plan my trip to Kazakhstan from 27 Dec - 7 Jan.

In Almaty I will spend time from 27 - 31 Dec .
I am quite new there since 1st time. Could we meet up in downtown for coffee or tea? If you don't mind ..I simply love to know more about Almaty to make use of my times there

Hi add me I'm working language schools in astana ***

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Hello ..thanks..when I am Astana I will call you at that number. See you my friend 👍🏽

Hi..Sabi, could you share me what people do in Dec 31st evening ? I have one expat from India who works in language school in Astana. We might go to hang out . Would you be interested to join?

Gimme a shout. Tks Don

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