Cambodia's Oddball Banks

Has anyone used Phillip Bank, MayBank, Hong Leong? They seem odd because Acleda is everywhere along with AZN, ABA, Canadia, and Vattanac. What are these smaller banks. Hong Leong a big presence in the theater area at AEON. Are these banks any good? Should I open an account with them? My current account is through Navy Federal Credit Union in the US, so I get charged a bunch of fees for Visa use, as well at pulling out $$ at ATMs ABA charged $5, but Navy hit me with $4 on top of that. $9!!

From my personal experience ABA and Canadia are the banks to go for. Accleda is very expensive (exchange rates when getting money from abroad), ANZ was ok but it is closing offices everywhere, Hong Leong is Malaysian as far as I know.

I have a Canadia account and I'm very satisfied, staff speaks English and is very friendly and helpful.

Hope this helps.

Canadia Bank is well known (well; at least within Canada...LOL) and--in my opinion--is a pretty good bank in which to open an account (especially for a foreigner).  The only requisites to open an account is:

1)  $10 USD     2)  a US Passport    3)  current local address (and my friend; that is all that is required).

Other banks (such as Acleda or ABA bank)  either require much higher deposits or a signed contract (to show local employment).

As you have already experienced; any bank not affiliated with the local banks (within Cambodia) will not only charge high ATM fees but--for expats who's bank is located at home (in their own country)--they will also expect to pay "foreign ATM fees" AND international transaction/conversion fees (usually 3% of the withdrawal).

Good luck in finding a new local bank in the area.  Again, investigate Canadia when you have a chance......


So, someone private messaged me and come to find out... Philip Bank is owned by a super rich family from Singapore. It is Singaporean

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