Franco - phony

What are your experiences with this summit?

Nothing much going on here in Mahajanga. Except the local French College School is closing  its doors as a special a holiday for  Frano - phony for thurs and Fri 24 and 25.

However I have a private school in the Bush Community ( no electric in the bush ) and I have been ordered by the head  of education that the students must stop school beginning  Monday the 21st for a full week.

These kids really need to go to school.

SO instead I have my teachers going to special classes that week to get special training .

If anyone has an answer to this I would be interested in learning Why?


Hi Alex,

As usual, I understand and agree with your point. I was in Tana at the start of Nov, and had a rendez-vous to pick up my driver's license yesterday (25 Nov), but I wanted to be as far away from Tana as possible during the "sommet".  They closed schools to limit the traffic jams and possibilities of terrorism, but why this was extended to outlying villages, like Mahajunga and Maroantsetra, can only be explained by making everyone feel good. It's like the "pont" (jour payé et chomé) that they insert when a holiday falls on a Thursday, for example. The businesses pay for it but, hey, I'm a politician so it doesn't affect me!

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