Filipina got no Bank account. Can I move to Australia? Got a BF

Hello everyone.  I would Like to asked if,  there is a possibility that I can go to Australia without any bank account for my visa,  because I don't have any work yet,  and I don't have any bank accounts.  But I have a boyfriend that ready to take care of my needs and stuff there,  his financial and living status there is very good and he got everything.  But I just wanna know if I can visit Australia without bank account for visa. 

Thanks guys...

If he can show intention to support you with all of your needs and give proof of his income and show copies of bank accounts then you have a good chance, but you may still need to prove your intention of returning to Philippines. If you have a job then you will need a letter from your employer. If you have property or children to return to it would help the application. If you have no job, no bank account and no property then it will depend entirely on your boyfriend.

It is also getting more difficult for single Filipinas to leave the Philippines, so you need to have proof for both countries now of your intention to return to Philippines.

I hope all goes well for you.

Thank you. 
I have no problem about anything else,  my only problem is that bank account thing,  because we don't know anything about this,  because this will be his first time to invite filipina and my first time to travel.  And I don't know anything about visa.  And what exactly should I do and what  exactly he should do...

This link will help you:

Australian Visitor Visa info

THE most important thing is that the Australian Immigration needs to know that you will return to Philippines, so if you can get some proof that you will return then that will help. A letter from your employer at very least is necessary. If you know a Barangay Captain or similar govt official who will write you a letter of recommendation it may help you.

Your boyfriend will have to detail all his plans for where you will go, where you will stay, how he will pay for all of your expenses and obviously you will need a return ticket. I assume he will pay for that. If he pays by card then he will need to send you a scan of his card, back and front for you to show at check-in at the airport.

You may need to provide proof of your relationship with him. Copies of emails, Skype chats, etc.

You can apply online(or I think your boyfriend can do it on your behalf). Some people are more successful with the online application.

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