Entrepreneur taxes

Hello everyone,

I am an Italian citizen living in Malta and I am thinking about to Montenegro.
Being an entrepreneur, I am trying to understand what are the correct social security rates in Montenegro for a self employed person.

I can see the income tax rates are 9% and 13%, but never understood about the social security rates, and I cannot find theme anywhere.

If possible, I would like to understand what are the total taxes on a turnover of e.g. 40.000 euros.

Thank you very much,

Hi Ivan
PM me. I will put you in touch with my accountant - great lady, really knowledgeable and knows the laws inside out.


I agree with Monte-Tina.. best to contact an accounting service to get accurate information.

Just a preview..Generally speaking, keep in mind that many foreigners that move to Montenegro open a business/corporation, as a path to residency and work permits. If i am not mistaken, to lower tax rate of approx. 9-10%  applies to the profits of the business entity. If you work as an employee, the salary is subject to social taxes that are significantly higher than 9-10%. That is why it is best to contact a accounting service to get current / accurate information.

Hope your plans go well!


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