Best place to stay 10 days in Uganda

Hi all !
I currently live in Burundi and I will come to Uganda for Christmas recess.
I don't want to run from a touristic place to another, as I will need a rest !
I love the Nature, quiet countryside and beautiful landscapes ; I like outdoors and I need to socialize.
Tell me, where should I come and stay to have all of that at the same time ?
Warm regards,

Hi miss petite.violette
I know of pretty decent and great places you can decide to take a look at for safe accommodation and hospitality at very affordable costs, would love to recommend you some in and around Kampala especially in the areas of Kamwokya, Mengo, Makindye, Kamwokya, Makerere and others . Just let me know so I can arrange something within your specifications to suit your needs.
Take care for now.


thanks a lot Kanye.
We may continue this conversation by email, I have sent you a PM.

On top of the Kampala areas Ggaba Road should be on your list. Please add some of the near by upcountry towns like Jinja or Mbale in the East of Uganda and Mbarara to the West. You can easily move there on your own convenience.
In case of any other of your craving interests, please let me know and i can advise.

Entebbe wildlife centre(zoo)

Hi Petite.Violette - salut!
If you want all of that in one place, I'd recommend Jinja 'Source of the Nile' approx 3 hours east of Kampala.
Lots of v relaxing places by the river Nile + excellent coffee shops in Jinja town. Jinja also has enough bars and clubs to keep you busy socially for 10 days :)
Jinja is the adrenaline capital of E Africa: white water rafting, quad biking, horseriding, fishing, birdwatching, sundowner cruises, sailing and much more.
See one of my stories on my blog 'Diary of a Muzungu' - … ure-jinja/
Feel free to message me for more ideas, here or via my blog and Facebook page of the same name.
Jinja was once the industrial capital of UG until Amin expelled the Asian community. It now has a 'shabby chic' appeal: interesting old buildings, lots of colourful craft shops and markets, potholes in the streets that match Bujumbura's(!)
Places to stay I recommend in Jinja include:
Nile River Explorers - Camp or Hostel
The Hairy Lemon
Source of the Smile
Gately Inn
Kingfisher Resort
The Haven … mmodation/
Bon Noel et amusez vous bien!

thank you so much for your message.
Sorry for my late answer, but I didn't check my emails when in Uganda.
I went to Jinga, Kampala, Mbarara and Kabale.
I met very kind people and I had a great time !
I will tell you if I come back one day ...

You're most welcome Pascale ☺

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