A Business Idea For Someone Looking Towards Bali

This time of year I always think of this…turkey! 

We just bought our annual Thanksgiving Day turkey from a restaurant provider, and it was expensive, but not as expensive as we see in the large markets where this year’s price is over 300k IDR per kilo!  That means a ten pound (5 kilo bird, which isn’t large) is over 1.5 million!  WOW!  In the US, the going rate per kilo is $4.00 for a frozen turkey, or US $40.00 for the same bird.   

It’s long overdue for someone to start a turkey farm in Bali.  The ideal location (climate wise) would be in the Bedugul region, or anywhere around that area in the northern mountains. 

Based on my personal experience of doing a turkey every year, my Balinese family loves it, and I can no reason why turkey could not easily supplement chicken. 

Food for thought…no pun intended. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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