How to find a job in Thessaloniki during winter


I am Tamara and I am in love with Greece althought I was born Serbian but my i left my soul in Greece.
I would like to live my Greek dream and move to Salonica this December with my three friends so I would like to ask you where should we look for a job? We all have experience as a sales persons, working in a hotel industry in both Malta and Serbia and some of us even worked as PR and in touristic agency. Two of us finished Economy, my friend is a marketing expert and the other one finished high school.
I hope you will help me bcs I wanna live my Greek dream in Thessaloniki and finding a job is the only way I can afford it.
Thank uuuuu

Unfortunately it is also the Greek peoples dream to find a job here in their own country.many have degrees with masters and cannot find work,bars and cafes are highly sort after as a means of purely surviving and then it will be 2.50 euro per hour.Have you thought about your health care?Dreams in these times can often turn into catastrophe,so be careful of what you are doing.

I know it will be hard but I've finished agricultural economy and agribusiness so I can't work in health care. Even my high school was high school of economy. I see this as a way to improve my greek since I'm learning it by myself and I really love Greece and wanna live there someday. I wanna find us a job in hospitality, but thank u anyway  for informations :)

i think you can always become a consultant at agricultural areas around thessaloniki. there are season jobs always of course

Thanks 😊

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