Travel to other European countries with a Belgium D Visa.


I am an Indian Citizen. I reached Brussels last week on a D visa in which it is mentioned as valid for "Belgique". It is not mentioned as "Schengen" anywhere in the stamp. I do not have a separate valid schengen visa now. So does this mean I cannot travel and visit any other place in Europe outside Belgium with this Belgique D visa until I get a residence card? Some one said so and some one else said its okay to travel once i receive annexure 15. Please clarify on this. Is it safe to visit some other place like Germany with just this visa or will this be checked in airports / train stations? Is there any recent change in rules regarding this?

Thank you! … 810:EN:NOT … durata.htm

Based on these sources and my understanding from them, you can travel freely inside Schengen area with the D type visa even if it says only "BELGIQUE", while waiting for your Residence Permit :)

In practical, there is no passport control inside schengen area, but do carry your passport all the time :)

Oh great, thank you Aneesh. That is what even I was thinking. And I did that without any issue when I was on Denmark visa 4 years back. But a colleague  told me recently , someone he knows was checked in an airline during return from a schengen country and they recommended him to take another airline in which they would allow. So he ended up spending for 2 tickets for entire family!

okay. It is a good idea to get a confirmation from the airline or consulate of the destination country.

hmm yes, i will try to do that or postpone such travels until i get residence card.

Be aware that Schengen covers only some countries in Europe and not all, when considering whether you can substitute as a visa national the requirement for visa with another type of visa / residence permit issued by a Schengen member when travelling around with your passport. So be aware which countries are not part of Schengen.

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But this doesnt clearly answer whether we can or its not recommended , '

Can someone update on this  ?

Read the official documentation quoted (links) above.

You can travel in Schengen zone on D visa while you wait for your residence permit to arrive.

Hello, Did you or anyone travel with D type visa to other schengen country while awaiting resident permit? Was it okay?
I have plans to travel to Greece by flight with my wife and child while they still await their resident permit of belgium and they have D visa in passport.
Can you please advise?

This FAQ can help too: … ons_en.pdf

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