Need advice transferring ownership of property and selling company

Hello expats in Turkey,

My name is Robin. I opened a short term rental company in Istanbul in 2007. It is a registered Turkish company (LLC). I've stopped doing business in Turkey and need to close my business. At the time I bought, foreigners could not buy Turkish properties in historic areas, only companies. So I was advised to open a limited Turkish company which I did in order to buy a flat.

I have returned to the US to care for my aging parents and have been unable to sell my flat. I am still required to pay an accountant each month as well as "stoppage tax" because I still have a company.

I need a trustworthy English-speaking expert who can help me transfer ownership of my flat from my company to myself - and I need help closing my Turkish limited company.

Have any of you purchased or sold properties and/ or closed companies with the aid of a Turkish lawyer or accountant? My accountant speaks only Turkish so we can not communicate. The Turkish lawyer who helped me set up the company and purchase my property is demanding a very high fee to help me.

Can you recommend someone? I live in the States and hope to be able to handle this from here, but can come to Turkey if necessary.


HI Robin I am real estate consultant I work aswell with good lawyers. normally i rent furnished rooms short term you can  pm me

How do I PM you? Can you send your email and a website? I can send the link to my flat for renting short term or long term.




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1- Is the company one partner?
2-Is there profit and loss of company activity?
3-What is the company's capital?
4- What is the value of the house registered in the company?

I have to ask them. To offer you a solution


1- Is the company one partner? Yes, just me and my daughter as a 5% shareholder

2-Is there profit and loss of company activity? Only loss right now. In past years we showed some profit and paid Turkish taxes then.

3-What is the company's capital? $0 cash + my flat which is not worth very much right now due to the Turkish situation.

4- What is the value of the house registered in the company? How do I find this out?

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