About Titulo! I'm living here too,why the indifference?

So here it is, i decided to go to the  university, everything at the beginning  went well until i was told i can do the curse but to graduate i will need to get my titulo but to my knowledge  since we're foreigners living in brazil under permanent recidence we can't obtain a titulo until we're officially brazilians. Now here's the thing that p** me off, what do they expect us to do? we can't go for a career too?

we pay the same tax brazilians does so what's the issue? why i can't  do university without ''TITULO''? Well that's what i've been told so if anybody knows other wise please leave your comment.

I don't profess to know the answer to your question, however, from my experiences in traveling to Brazil with my Brazilian wife,  I have come to the realization that one might get a "convenient" answer when dealing with someone in Brazil in an official role, because that particular person really doesn't know or care what they are talking about. Also, Brazil does seem to have a lot of rules that make absolutely no sense, so what you might have been told could be true.

Keep trying. And it also helps in Brazil to know some one who might have some influence with the office with which you are dealing. The rules are often bent because the right person stepped in on your behalf.

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