looking for sea-time training in the netherlands

hi everyone
                       i am joseph  a foreign student from nigeria studying at constanta maritime university Romania. i am currently look for where i could do my sea-time training as a deck cadet on-board tanker vessel. the  dutch  has the best maritime sector like the port  of Rotterdam. if the is any one who could  giving me information and i have my stcw 95 and oil tanker familarization certificate  .thanks hope to hear from you

Hi Joe,

Not sure how much specific help we can be here as it's not a question that comes up very often.    First off, at the top of the page are a series of links to other parts of this website; the Handy Tools link will take you to a series of Expat Guide's; read through them as they may be useful to you in the future should you need to move to Holland.  Also at the top, is the jobs section, you can upload your own CV there and advertise your services to potential employers.

I have a colleague who has a son who works as a Marine Engineer; he tells me that he applied for a job with a shipping company (Maersk) when he left full-time education, they interviewed him, found him suitable and offered him a job as an apprentice engineer and then sponsored him through college to gain his professional qualifications.

Assuming this is similar to your situation, my only advice is to use the internet; this link will take you to the Euromaritime website and has links to all the Dutch shipping companies who you can contact regarding work.

I would also try your own University, they must place the cadets they train with shipping companies to complete their training.

Best of luck.

hi cynic
                    thanks for the information i am in my third year  studying navigation and marine transport technology as a deck cadet .the  issue is that when the  shipping company  comes to the school we are told is made only for the Romania. i am a foreign student that is why i am  looking  else where for the sea-time training for 12 month. thanks cynic

Hi Joe,

One other thought, you may want to look at the Oil companies; they operate ships in support of the sea based oil operations.

Again, best of luck. :)

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