What else can the foreigner work at Egypt ?

Hello everybody

  this subject was in my mind when i was in a relationship with a foreigner girl and what job in Egypt is suitable for her ,,, it was very hard for her to get job in Egypt , only people told us she can only teaching or working in Call Center in Vodafone maybe , the salary wasn't perfect for her and she finally got a perfect job in her country and will stay there

but still others have the same problem , what is the other jobs suitable for them and what is the market need ?

i believe we need to open a discussion to help who want to come to live in Egypt to not face the  same issues we faced

I believe that Computer science field is very growing in Egypt and a lots of companies give it a care nowadays

so it is good to study about web design or programming and you will find a good job in a multinational companies easy , even you can work at home

what others field , maybe the Egyptians here could help by advises

by the way i m accountant and begin to study this field as i found it very important and maybe i make a shift career who knows

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