Wise to have visa on your person while traveling by bus

Was traveling from veracruz to df last week by Ado when a Mexican inm official boarded the bus,it seemed like he singled out any non mexican looking folks for scrutiny.The young lady from Colombia seated beside me was asked for her papers as was I,a black couple were also singled out,they were removed from the bus.I was returning from the border on a visa run,ordinarily i would not have my passport with me on a bus journey,Might be wise to do so.

If you are going to or from the border, it is highly likely the bus will be stopped and passenger identities checked.  I am obviously a gringo; rarely do they ask for my ID unless they are checking everyone's ID.  For a resident like me, my Residente Permanente card is sufficient, though once in the last two year, they specifically asked for my passport.

I went to Reynosa-McAllen in July and October.  Both times, the bus was stopped at a checkpoint and all bags were run through the X-ray machine.  First time, all passengers had to get off, retrieve their luggage and carry it to the machine.  The second time porteros did it then came on the bus for tips.

At times, a pair of soldiers will get on the bus and walk slowly up the aisle carefully looking at faces.  If they can't see a face because a passenger is asleep and facing away, they might wake him up.  I'm guessing they are looking for a specific fugitive.

On one trip from Poza Rica to Reynosa, ID's were checked 3 times.

Having your paperwork available is always a good idea. I always have my residente permanente as well as passport on me. No one has asked for it at hotels or at police stops in the last year, yet it is best to be prepared. Stops are some times whim things.

The last Merida trip I was asked to stop and they didn't ask for anything. It must have been a red car day because they were pulling over anything red and my car qualified.

As far as I know, a passport is not required travelling in the interior of Mexico.
If all you have is a tourist card or business visa, you might as well carry your passport.
Personally, I never carry my passport in other countries, assuming I'll be able to get back to the hotel safe to get it if needed.

My phone has a jpg of my passport's ID page.

I have driven all over the country and not once was I asked for id by the police or the army,just where are you coming from and where are you going.Riding the bus i have seen inm agents board dozens of times but in the past they never singled me out.This time im sure it was because i was sitting beside a girl from Colombia.I think they are mostly looking for undocumented central americans making their way to the north.But anyways in future I will always carry my passport on bus journeys

Thanks for the insight

Oh yes it is wise to carry your passport and your entry visa while traveling inland.
Make photocopies as well.

My entire was working an living around the world and always at anytime I would carry my passport.
Of course Mexico is a safe country

But I lived through coup d etat or few horrible stories and I was super happy to have my passport with me.

I think it is wise for a tourist to carry his passport and entry visa slipt.
Make several photocopies on paper, on your computer.

Make sure you have a very secure place to carry those documents. When I was in Peru, they were going through one of those periods of unrest and had multiple check points with soldiers and tanks.  As well as very serious weapons.I wore a reporters jacket, had no bag, and carried my documents in an inside pocket of the jacket.

They are easy to loose or leave behind if you are not accustomed to travel. In Mexico it is pretty safe, but a secure spot for your documents is still essential. It's best to not have them in a purse you might hang on a chair, or a back pocket.

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