Shipping Purchases from the States to Puerto Rico

Hi gang,
I just discovered a way of purchasing an item from companies that will only ship to the addresses in the States.  It is a service called  They give you a shipping address in Florida. Then forward the item to anywhere in the world.  In my case, I ordered an item that is shipped free to anywhere in the 48 states.  MyUs then will ship it to me.  I do not know the final cost, but this is an item for which I was willing to pay a large shipping fee. Will let you know how it works.

I think there are several companies that do this. I have an international business and I get buyers from all over the world with US shipping addresses. I do ship internationally, but often these services can get special rates under contract with shipping services and the cost for buyers ends up being cheaper.

Sounds interesting and I would like to hear how it it went and if the price is reasonable.

Many Amazon marketplace sellers and sellers on ebay don't ship to "US protectorates" and that can be annoying. We asked family in the lower 48 to ship stuff to us and that works fine but if there's an affordable alternative we wouldn't have to bother our family.

Hmm.. cheapest rate for a 2 lbs package $25.87. That's steep..

Lots of things are not shipped to PR by Amazon and other retailers, and some that do, charge very high rates.

Still looking for a cheap solution, but this sounds too expensive for my blood.

Wow. That does sound expensive.
If anybody here wants stuff shipped to PR, you can have the item sent to my address here in Georgia, and I'd be glad to send it on down for a very small fee. I do shipping every day,- I have customers all over -- so I have no problem adding a few parcels in with my regular pick-up.

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