Minimum living costs in Dar es Salaam

Hey everyone,

I'm a British citizen and have received an opportunity to work in Dar es Salaam!
I don't have much money and want to know what the bare minimum costs of living in Dar es Salaam are for 1 person:
- rent (1 room in a shared house or a small cheap flat?)
- utility bills - gas, electricity, water
- phone and internet
- weekly food allowance

I have looked on expat websites for details on this but I'm thinking that the figures might be for a more luxurious lifestyle which I'm not hugely interested in! Any help on this would be hugely appreciated!

Hello katiefi and welcome to

You may check out threads from our section below to have an idea of living expenses in Dar Es Salaam : Cost of living in Dar es Salaam


Hi Kateifi
Hope you doing well.

This is regarding your add on moving to Dar-es-salam and looking for accomodation.

All depend on your lifestyle and which area you live.

On average a single person need 500$ including everything living in a safe area like town. ***

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