Travelling alone to Morocco being alone female.Safe?

Is it safe for me to travel alone in Morocco ?

i advise you not to travel alone. But if you do here are some tips;

- Don't travel in the night
- In train or bus, ask a family to join them for safety reasons. They will fully understand
- Do your research on which services are on a location

Hope this helps

Thank for replying but what do u mean by ask a family to join ?

Hi, I have just booked my 8th trip to Morocco and I am single female from UK, mature and always travel alone. Just use you common sense and use a taxi at night to get to your accommodation. I have always felt very safe in morocco, more safe in fact than many European cities.
enjoy your trip
regards Peta

Safety depends on what time you are out and with whom. So choose good local friends, try to keep one with you if traveling in night, choose a reliable taxi service when commuting. People are different at every place, safety is not guaranteed everywhere so it is advised to be prepared before going out alone.

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