Gamca Medical test !?

Hi its me Rajesh.I got a offer from bahrain ,currently i am working in i need to do gamca madicel again to go bahrain .6 month ago i came from bahrain at that time i didn't do any gamca medical test.however i did my medical test 4 month back in oman to get oman visa.
Thank you hope i will get your suggestion...

Hi Raaaaaaj,

Your profile says you are an 'Omani'. Maybe you want to correct it first ?

Whether you have to do your medicals or not, nobody here in this forum can give you a firm 'Yes', or 'No' answer. Simply because they wouldn't know.

You need to find out from your prospective employer directly, if you have to do another medical test here in Oman and send the results to your interested future employer there in Bahrain, or not.

Any advice asked and given about whether medicals are required or not here would be completely useless, since it is something that pertains only between the employer and the employee.

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