Indian in KL city- is 6000RM good for single in digital marketing?

Hey Expats,

I'm Akilesh from Bangalore, India aged 25 years working as an optimization associate (digital marketing), and I had an experience of 3.8 years in the online digital marketing field.  Recently, I got a job opportunity in Kuala lumbur, Malaysia. It's one of the world's best Ad agency company, and they've offered me 6,000 RM/ month as a salary which don't include accommodation.
                              Is this is the good one, and could you help me in exploring the cost of living in kuala lumbur. How much I can save and give me the break down of cost of living in KL city. I'd also want to let you know that I'm single.

Looking forward to hear from you!


Depends on the area and whether you are withy family or alone. I'm good locality the rent would be approx 3500 but if you are single you can take a small orbshared apartment that can cost you 1500. For non resident the tax is 28%. Average cost of living for a single Perron is approx 3000 per month. Now calculate accordingly.

Hi, see some of the posts that i have made in the past for cost breakdown. 6000 for  about 4 years of experience is not bad in kl standards.

Since u r single, it might be worth exploring. The typical calculation is take ur india salary, double it and convert to ringgit. If 6k is more than that, ur on the right track.

I say its worth a shot.

Hey There,

Thanks for replying to my post, in India I'm getting a salary of around 6.4 L per annum. Now let me know if it's good to move?

Thats roughly 55000 inr per month. 6k myr is about 90000 inr. So below par.

If i was in ur shoes, i wud go for it. This is my personal opinion. I have taken such calculated risks early in my career and it has paid off in the long term. Top agency combined with international experience. Maybe do 1-2 years. It will add value to ur resume. Not much savings. Your call. Good luck!

I would say , its worth to take the risk , 6000 MYR is not a bad amount , and you can easily survive here with that , if your expenses doesn't sky rocket.

As you mentioned you are single , you can opt for a single room in a shared apartment , which gonna cost you from 500 - 800 MYR depending on the locality

Food monthly can cost you easily 600 MYR or above if you don't fancy going to Good restaurant more then 3 times a month.

Tax is normally deducted by the company policy , if you are coming on a long term contract then the tax deducted will be standard as per the law , if not then tax would be 28%.

All in all the expense can go upto 3000  MYR a month with a decent living , with some extra on Party or drinks , sharing the above costing from my personal experience here in last 2 years. :D

Tax ~ 1800
Rent ~ 1000 for single
Transportation and food ~~ 1500

Overall ~4500 RM will be on expenses (depends on person, if party animal then you will have nothing left). So basically, for a single person with that salary you may save RM1000

The cost of living here completely depends .on the way you spend and your standards of living. If you wish to earn and save a lot of money then RM2000 is sufficient for you to survive.

28% tax is deducted only for first 6 months and later it would be as low as RM400. I feel still you can easily save RM3000 on an average. The tax deduction is based on the salary slabs and the company category and stuff. Also be aware of some agency and companies who can dupe you, If you can tell me which company has offered you this opportunity, I can confirm on that.


Yes it's a decent rate, it was what my friend was getting paid for the same job. Locals will get 5k and under for the same work.

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