Getting a job in Toronto

Hi there guys,
My name is Malek Kalmoni and I am currently in Etobicoke. Honestly speaking, getting a job is proving futile. I have tried countless number of times to apply but I never get a call nor the chance for an interview.
Are there others also having this difficulty?

P.s I have a degree in Business Administration from Ghana and a Post-graduate diploma in International Business Management from Algonquin College in Ottawa.
I even try for minimum wage jobs but it's hard to get.
Let's get talking

I am looking for job please help cleaner or housekeeper please help to get

Hey Malekalmoni,

Sorry to hear your having a tough time getting a job in Toronto. Just out of curiosity, have you considered moving to a different State, because I am aware that Saskatoon and Manitoba are looking for workers in your field. I am guessing Toronto is such a populated place which makes it harder for outsiders to obtain work. Did you try looking for work in Ottawa as there are more administrative and management jobs over there?

Hello Afrobrit,
Thank you for your reply. I tried so much in Ottawa that's why I moved to Toronto. I wanted to go to Saskatoon but I cleared that idea since I know no one there. Some people I met adviced me against it since I do not know anyone living there. They will advertise that they need people in my field but when you apply, no one even grants you an interview.

That is very challenging indeed. Do they have employment agencies that you could sign up with for temporary work?

I think I'm signed up to over 50 agencies as at now. It's really frustrating. Non of them call either. Sigh...

That is pretty strange. Have you linked up with any working expat on here, they could try put in a word with their employer for you?

Well, I've sent some requests but nothing coming out.. This country is just a hot mess.

How long have you been staying Canada? Does your old university not offer some kind of employment support such as link you up with potential employers, or provide work experience at the uni?

Well I've been in Canada for almost 1 year, my college is nowhere near Toronto, plus when I went there and tried to sign up for at least some volunteering sessions, it's full. They do not help when it comes to helping find a job. Just review your CV and try to correct it. But at least, they could have helped to link students in my class with internship opportunities since we were all foreign students. They were rather saying after doing a one year course, it's adviceable to do another course to be able to get a 3 year working permit. What would I do with a 3 year working permit if no damn employer wants to employ foreigners. Already the fees are crazy. I paid approximately CAD 15,000 just on school fees. Then I have to pay an extra 15,000 again? Only to be told at then end that priority would be given to Canadians? That's rubbish.

Where is this Ottawa ?

Iam in Kenya i like to work in Canada help please

Usually colleges are supposed to help with internship, i am amazed that has not been the case in your instance. I suggest you network in key places, sometimes you need to break into industries via individual connections, connections, connections! Please let me know how you get on! I'll inbox you a mate's contact in Toronto who may provide you with some useful information. For now, keep the faith and stay positive, something will turn up eventually.

It baffles me as well but I'm keeping all hopes and spirit up. Still trying my best as well. I'll definitely keep you updated on the latest. And with the contact,  that would be amazing. We would definitely keep in touch.

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