Condominio Loma Verde

Does anyone have any experience -positive or negative - with buying a lot and building a house at Loma Verde, outside of Tamarindo? Thanks.

An acquaintance toured the site a few months ago but her husband felt there was not enough infrastructure to make him feel confident it would ever be 'completed'...and as you have probably seen by now this is a common problem here in Costa Rica.

Many 'investors' purchase lots but never intend to actually build a house. This leads to overgrown, neglected lots which often means the HOA can do nothing about them, with only a few finished homes and possibly without all or at least some of the promised 'common areas', The only 'real' photo on the 'Common Areas' webpage, is one of the soccer field.

Is there any construction happening now?

Yes, I was there last week and there were about 6 homes built, and about another 6 under construction, not quite completed. The pool is done, as are the sidewalks and the curbs; streets are nicely paved.

Don't forget to check the source of internet as it may not be equal to what you presently have.

As an afterthought and looking at the house plans make sure to pick a design that has a wide overhang...not just decorative beams... both for shade and protection of the building from heavy rain.

Thanks. And actually the internet is better than what I have now.  So I'm all set with that. And thanks for the good tip about the overhang. Appreciate the feedback.

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