Best area to consider? Non-EU expats, help! Meet in February?

Hi all.

My wife, infant daughter, and I are considering a move to the Netherlands and will be visiting Amsterdam this February to weigh it out. We would like to meet up with a few other expats to discuss what the move was like--the difficulties and rewards of deciding to relocate, etc. We would be happy to treat you to coffee or lunch. Is anyone interested? Hoping we can start a dialogue soon since it's just around the corner!

Also, my family in Tiel, NL has suggested I ask members of this forum what they think about the following cities:

1. Amsterdam
2. Haarlem
3. The Hague
4. Utrecht

We understand that each city has a different vibe and personality, and we would want to be where we best fit in. We are friendly and outgoing but also enjoy retreating to peace and quiet. Walkability is extremely important for us as is proximity to Schiphol/Centraal station for additional travel, and we'd like to be in a good, family-friendly area. Does anyone have suggestions or opinions on areas/neighborhoods/cities that we should consider?

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