PAWA Dominica Airline reviews??

My husband and I are flying to SDQ on PAWA Dominica airlines (as are our grown children)  Great prices MIA to SDQ (and now I'm glad we chose that route...I think there are better odds that the toll road will be passable...and it takes the same amount of time from SDQ as STI to Cabrera)  So, I'd like to know if anyone has used this airline?  And how reliable is it?

You might be better off looking for such opinions on Flyertalk.

Sorry, I have not use this Airline. However I have flown out of Fort Lauderdale to Santo Domingo and then used land transportation to travel north.  Personally, I found this to be a much cheaper and more enjoyable option then flying out of New York. I hope everything goes well for you and your family in your travels. Please post your experience with this Airline so in the future others will know whether or not it's a viable option

I've not flown with them either. And yes please post your experience so others can read it.

And I think you are better to fly into SDQ right now,  roads are a bit of a mess in some areas.

That was my thinking too...we booked before all of the flooding happened because our daughter from Germany is flying in too...and SDQ was the best airport for all the various departure lucky!

I will definitely post our experience.  We are going to be purchasing two Poäng chairs at IKEA Fort Lauderdale and bringing them in as over-sized luggage...which will still make them $70 cheaper than buying the same chairs in Santo theory anyway...

I'm the queen of bringing weird things in over-sized luggage with we'll see how this airline stacks up.

Good luck!!!

Would you please share your experience with this airline so others can decide if it's a viable travel option?


I just checked with  PAWA, and they are advising not to show up a the counters due to some temporary reason(?).  I'm not sure if that applies to flights, but I'll be checking again another day.

This is on their website:


PAWA Dominicana informs all its passengers that the operations of our airline are suspended pending the disposition of the Dominican authorities.

We invite our passengers not to show up at the PAWA Dominicana counters at all airports, as they are kept closed.

We continue working together with these authorities seeking a solution to this situation and we regret the inconvenience that this causes to thousands of passengers.

PAWA Dominicana will be reimbursing air tickets to affected passengers in the next weeks after they process their request.
The process can be initiated through our web page: … nd-request or contacting your travel agent.

I do hope it's only temporary!  I like their fares.

They did not pay their  taxes and fees for using the airports.  According to reports they are behind several million dollars worth.  AND many passengers were left stranded a few weeks ago. They were begging authorities to let them operate as they did not have the  US 250,000 to refund passengers who were not able to fly.

Time to look for other flights people.

Yikes!!!!!!!  Even if they get there mess straightened out, don't think I'd consider them a viable option.

Thanks for the info.

Exactly my thoughts too!

You have better odds at a Casino. ;)

So, does anyone have other suggestions for really cheap options?
Last time it cost us over $1200 for 2. All other flights had ridiculously looong
layovers, as long as 12 hours in Panama.

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