Living in Al-Hasa

Dear all,

I come from United kingdom and being offered a job in Al-hasa. It is going to be Allied health professional job. I am a married man with 2 young children.

Before I accept any offers, I would like to ask few questions;

1- How is the place itself? I have lived in Jeddah for few years and enjoyed metropolitan life style there. How is Al-hasa compared to that?
2- What are better area of living in al-hasa? Places where crime rate is less and people usually professionals. I am not interested in any compounds as I am not being offered a compound so I will have to hund a place.
3- Is the place good for family?
4- What are close cities with reasonable facilities if I want to live in bigger city? I am happy to travel upto 1-1.5 hour per journey if there are better alternates?
5- What is ongoing rent for a decent flat (2-3 bedrooms)?
6- Do the schools offer transport from different locations?
7- Does the normal expat had an access to Aramco compound for their gym facilities if they have one?
8- Anyone working for John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare? And if yes, can you kindly shed some light on the company and pros / cons of working for that company?

I will appreciate any healthy / relevant responses / discussion.

Many thanks.

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