Moving to Spain before Brexit ?

Hi there everyone

Was hoping someone can give me some clarity regarding moving to Spain and Brexit. My wife and I are both British citizens. We currently live in South Africa but have been thinking of moving to Spain for a few years now. Then suddenly Britain voted to leave the EU. Very disappointed about that !!

I want to know, if we move to Spain soon (or sometime next year) then Britain is still part of the EU and we can move to Spain legally. What happens after the exit period (the 2 years notice to the EU) arrives ? Are we then illegal in Spain or will we be able to remain. Of course both of us intend to find full time jobs when we get there. The plan is to live in Spain permanently.

Any help will be appreciated.
Morne & Kiri-Lee

Hi Morne & Kiri-Lee,

Right now, nobody knows what will be happening after these 2 years, not even politicians...
I would recommend you to come to Spain as soon as possible and try to find a job. I am sure that they will make many arrangements as there are plenty of Bristish expats in Spain, so, if you have a job, i am sure that you could stay in Spain legally.


Have you tried joining the various Expat Spain forums in Facebook. They are currently discussing this same topic. Make sure you join few of them because some of these forums are only for ads.

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