Namibian looking at options to relocate to Germany

I'm a Namibian lady, I was just wondering what the odds are if I were looking to relocate to Germany.

First and foremost, you need a residence visa.
There are (apart from niches like political asylum or German ancestry) basically two valid reasons for getting such a visa:
1. Working in Germany
2. Joining close family members (spouse, kids) who are German or live in Germany
You did not mention which of the two applies to you, so maybe you can explain?

Main reason is for working, and I haven't yet gotten a sponsor as of yet, for the visa proceedings. I am a beautician, just got back from working on cruise ships.

Then what you need is not a sponsor, but a job offer. With that you can apply for a work permit.
But since the employer needs to show that there are no suitable EU citizens (who have to be hired first), you better concentrate on niche skills you have, which are rare and in demand in Germany. I have no idea what that might be for a beautician.

Thank you very much

if you have any ideas where you want to relocate?
what profession do you have? or you want to study?

For Namibian it is much easier to get a visa as for other African.
if you have an A Level you can apply for study.
another possibility is to apply as aupair or for learning German.

Hi there i didn't really know anywhere around Germany, so it doesn't matter I can always move around once in there and I am beauty therapist.

Why is that? I think I will be too old for aupair as the online procedures states that you should be younger than 26 years when applying, or doesn't it work as such.

how old are you?


send me your email address and I can send you a paper how to apply for an employment visa.

I'm 25, sure here XXX

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