GPS track sharing in China (Wikiloc, etc)

Recording and making publicly available my hiking, walking, and bicycle tracks with referenced photos and way-points is an important activity for me. Normally I use Wikiloc (ID: "mclivancouver"), but this fails to load on local ISP's because its default base map is Google (the Google block  is apparently enforced more strictly now). Perhaps a VPN will get me there, but I already had one fix detected and racked back by authority, so am nervous about making a second attempt to stick handle around the Google block.

China is open territory for GPS activity mapping. I also want my tracks to be accessible to ordinary Chinese sportspeople, who don't have VPN; they constitute perhaps 90% of the population that should appreciate compiled tracks, locations, photos and commentary.

Does anyone else in China share my hobby? What local software, maps or other solutions, if any, have you come up with to upload tracks, way-points, and photos on a popular international platform, and then access them?

Most sports English language trackers us Google maps, however, if you use a Chinese language app, it will use a Chinese mapping service such as Baidu. Personally I have been using an app called Hupu (虎扑) for the last year or so. Though it is in Chinese only, the interface is obvious enough that you can use it without knowing the language. The app allows me to share directly on common Chinese social networks such as Wechat, QQ and Weibo. To share on Facebook, I usually just take a screenshot of the map and upload the saved picture.

Thanks for the tip, I'll find that app and share my experience with it later.

Well, I couldn't get Hupu, the problem might be that my Canadian LG Nexus Smartphone is pre-loaded with hard locked Google software? I can't run some apps, or they don't install, or they are only partly functional with Chinese ISP's and WIFi. Unfortunately, the HUPU install attempt hasn't worked, although a bunch of bulkware did manage to install instead (it was easily de-installed). I have China Mobile CMCC for voice and text, Wechat is fine, and Baidu map works but not with GPS tracking. I am satisfied that my mobile provides a basic level of security and communication despite these issues.

As for Wikiloc, I am satisfied that my mobile can gather all the info I need in China, and store it. I was able to download Wikiloc offline maps by waiting for a not-busy time on a friends Tianjin ISP, I just kept trying the downloads despite fails notices, eventually a sweet-spot came up, and I grabbed three huge offline map files quickly using the Wikiloc mobile app. These Wikiloc offline maps are fairly up to date, of moderate detail, and are correctly geo-referenced.

My unit can save GPS tracks and mobile phone photos referenced to waypoints using the mobile Wikiloc app. The track and location display in real time on the offline base map, making navigation easy. This all goes without connecting to mobile data or Wifi (I turn off mobile data and Wifi to extend battery life). I also take Nikon pics at waypoints for loading to the waypoints later using the Main Wikiloc Website (the main website has limited functionality in China, in my experience, having tried on several laptops and different cell phones. So I cannot fully view or edit my own previous track saves from a China location).

Because of my moblie unit's issues, I will continue with Wikiloc, save all the tracks on my mobile and do the track uploads to the main Wikiloc website later, in Japan or Canada. 

So my biggest disappointments are:
1) my information will not get public currency in near real time, it will all come over a short period, and come much later.
2) Most ordinary Chinese outdoor enthusiasts who would logically be the most interested in the tracks, commentary, and photos made in China are unlikely to be able to access it in large numbers, as they will probably have the same trouble with the main Wikiloc website as I am having in China.

I plan to send these comments to Wikiloc for their interest and consideration. Perhaps they can do some tweaking to remove an obstacle.

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