Retiring from Army to Portugal. How to start the process?

Hi I'm John 48 married and have grown up children. I'm coming to the end of 28 years service in the army and want to move to Portugal. We won't need to work just sit back and enjoy life. How do I get this process started from this side. What areas would you recommend.

Hi there it depends what you are looking for, your current age, how practical you are, are you looking forward to joining the gin and tonic expat crowd or do what we did move to somewhere very close to the border of both Spain & Portugal and get the best of all worlds where expats are not to be found like swarms of ants. For health reasons we came 12 years ago from the IOM, my wife is Filipino so we have a good base on how to enjoy the good things in life without spending a fortune. Over the last few years I have made quite a few youtube video about our life in Portugal, just do a google search on "norman Judge" My contact details are on some of the earlier videos

Thanks Norman. No gin and tonic brigade for me. I was thinking North near mountains where I can get out on the bike. Also some where I can shoot as I shoot for Ireland I want to keep that up. I'm open to anything really at this point. I'll take some time off early next year and do a recce that might help.

Hi there, from what you have just said it sounds like the area where we live needs to be one of the options for you to have a rece. There is a mountain nature reserve only 40 minutes drive from our house and across the border similar locations only 30 minutes away. Remember the further east in Portugal you go the colder and wetter  it gets. We are in a very convenient position, 15 minutes from two big towns either side of the border, 20 minutes from Vigo Airport and 60 minutes from Porto. We are 5 minutes away from the A3 motorway connecting Lisbon, Porto, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela If you are interested in fishing or watersports the River Minho requires serious consideration. The quality of life in this region is 100% pollution free , water and  energy self sufficient.

Sounds exactly what we are looking for. Cheers

Remember the further east in Portugal you go the colder and wetter  it gets.


Nop - that depends on the areas. Some eastern areas are way hotter than in the west.

Really colder only in the highlands.

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