Interview advice needed

Hi, everyone,

I am invited for an online interview for lecturer's position, any advices on that Plz? e.g. what type of questions should I expect? Thank you very much in advance!


This might help you....
1. Tell us about your background (your education, experiences, interests).
2. Tell us why you think that _____________________ is an effective theory/technique.
3. What/who influenced you to pursue this field of study?
4. What direction do you think our field should be moving in over the next 20 years?
5. What do you think are some of the critical advances in our field in the past 50 years?
6. Who do you think is the most overrated and/or underrated theorist/researcher/professional in our career
7. What have you learned by watching other junior faculty succeed and fail?
8. What would your supervisor/colleagues/students say is your greatest strength/weakness?
9. How long are you planning on staying at our institution? (until my tenure review)
10. What does your family think about moving here? How do they feel about all the time you will spend
focussed on your work?
11. What courses have you enjoyed teaching the most, the least? What do you like most/least about working
with undergraduate students?
12. What is your experience managing conflict (with supervisors, colleagues, students)?
13. Talk about your most recent failure? Why did you fail? What did you learn?
Research Focused Questions
1. Tell us about your current work, area of study or research, referred publications?
2. How does your work contribute to the field or society or community or university?
3. Why and how did you choose your dissertation/thesis topic?
4. What theoretical framework did you use when developing your research?
5. How did you conduct your research and interpret your data?
6. What is your experience working with funders and other research stakeholders?
7. What do you think about other researchers in your field, their journals/research/books and your opinion of
their work, who do you think is leading edge, who do you disagree with?
8. What have you learned from your research and how, if at all, you could have approached your research
9. What are your current and future publication, presentation and conference plans?
10. What are your research plans for the next 3-5 years?
11. Discuss past and future funding sources and how you have/would acquire funding?
12. What equipment (facilities, staffing, etc.) will you need to pursue your research agenda?
13. Outside academia, who do you think is interested in your research and why?
14. In what journals do you hope to see your work published?
15. What is more important, the work or the application of the work?
16. Your subject area is obscure or limited, what relevance is it to our institution and why would we allocate
resources to it?
17. What resources (dollars, equipment, students, staff) would you need to set up your research?

wow great answer nothing more to say...

liverpoollfc :

wow great answer nothing more to say...

Google has made life easier for copy and paste  :D these days....

You may be right but a more positive approach would be to think that there are people out there willing to spend their valuable time do that (copy/paste) for you. I would also suggest you to mention the web source the points are copied from.

Dear all,

Please do me the advise if anybody came Oman at Visit Visa so there is any chance to getting any job or not... i am tray to outfight but nobody giving me suitable answer.

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Need your honest advise.

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