British Secondary school in Nepal?

Hi, I am nepali living in London.  I am due to return back to Nepal for 4 years. I have a 10 year  old daughter who has been in uk all her life. Anyone knows how the British school is in terms of studies? Or any other schools where the British curriculum is followed.

Good coincidental timing for your asking this question. Just prior to leaving Nepal only a few months ago,  I happened to meet a very nice foreigner/expat couple who were considering sending their young son to the British School to which you refer. They visited that school, liked it very much, described very favorably the curriculum that had been offered to them, were most impressed with the school's facilities etc Clearly, the school has a good reputation and is highly regarded with good teachers, professors etc.
But here is the crunch:  To put their boy in that school - a 6 year old as I recall -  the cost of the first time/initial registration  when all  fees, contributions etc are added - they were told - would amount to:

                                                                 18,000 US dollars a year
The story ends there.

Let's just say that he parents of this boy sent him to another school in Kathmandu.
Since then, I heard the boy is doing very well in this other school and very happy there.

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