Hospitality trainer seeking contacts of busines owners in HCMC

We have recently moved to Ho Chi Minh city for hubbys work!
I have been a hospitality consultant/trainer/GM in the UK, having been in the industry for 30 years, so I wanted to move my consultancy to here for training and consultancy!
Does anyone know how I can get contacts for business owners (bars/pubs/restaurants) within HCMC?
In the UK I used to be able to look up liquor licences, but I can't find if there is a database for that here?
Can anyone help?

Hi Rach

I know your post is old so hope your business is doing well. I have come from the UK and have worked a decade in hospitality, high end hotels - Duty Manager, Sales Manager, Events Manager, Reception Manager and have won a Caterer Award for best conference and banqueting team at the Cateys. I would say I know quite a bit about hospitality. I would like to use the skills I have in a training/advisory capacity here in HCM and was wondering if you need help or could point me in the right direction since you have been here a little while. I would be very grateful of any help or advice you could offer and would love to buy you a coffee!

Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards


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