Area to stay near Golfing in Kuala Lumpur? Tips for transport etc.

Hello fellow x pats and non. I am coming to KL January 4th to February 2nd before going to Bali for another month and then returning to KL...o have never been to Malaysia and really just want to know the best area to stay close to golfing? I was looking at an area just Noth of Bangi but I'm so unaware of transportation and costs to get places by cab or possibly by train...part of my learning experience when I arrive. I travel a lot and have no issues learning. Just hoping someone here may see this and help me out...and possibly want to play some golf when I come.


It would depend on which golf course your will be playing at. Since you mentioned Bangi, i'm assuming you plan on playing at Bangi Golf Resort? Transport should not be a problem as grabcar/uber have recently been introduced here.  Perhaps, you could provide more information and i could advise accordingly.


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