AEON Mall discount card qualifications.

I keep getting asked if I have a card to get a discount on my grocery purchases. My assumption is that this is the AEON Gold or Purple Visa card. What is the criteria to be approved for this card? Do you have to be a Khmer national and not an expat?

A lot of shops do cards of this nature because they make more on customer loyalty than they lose in discounts.
That and they collect data to sell when you sign up. They have all the data you give them (Address and so on), but they also get your shopping habits and how much you generally spend. Valuable data for sale to whoever they can sell it to.

But is the AEON Visa easy to get?

I have that pink card that collects points with each purchase and then every 100 points u get $5 discount. It is fairly easy to get, you just go to the counter in front of the market. It's $2 every 2 years.

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