Baby/toddler Playgroup

I see your pint about how hard it is. Hopefully we can make new friends together! What interests do u have? mine vary with the day lol! But making jewelry is a big thing for me, swimming and getting a tan if I can over there!! Doing stuff with the kids and hubby, Bbq's since we have missed that being in the UK!

Looking forward to the new adventure!

i would like to join my girl is 16 months and i live near ext5.. i sent too many private messages so i can't send a new one unfortunately can you please send me your num. and i'll send you on whatsapp

I just moved to Riyadh a month ago and would like to join the group for my son.  He is turning 2 next month and needs to intract with others, plus, I need to be around with adults!

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't answered any of the posts. I have been in my home country since I was pregnant and giving birth. I am still interested in making friends and having a playgroup for my now older toddler who is 16 months old. I will be returning to Riyadh after Eid if anyone is still intetested.

Hi Walaa,

I don't want to send my number in a oublic site. Can you send me your e-mail and I send you there?


I was wondering if you found any groups in Riyadh for new mums?


Nope nothing all posts are quite old.

How old is your baby?

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