Sandflies and Mosquitoes in Malta ?


I would like to ask, whether sandflies and mosquitos are present in St. Pauls Bay, Xemxija, Sliema and Msida, and which of these has them the most ? Or, which parts of Malta are these insects most present ? As well, are they a problem during summer ?


Hi there.
I am moving to Malta in 3 weeks but have gathered lots of information on sandflies because I'm coming with my dog. Sandflies are dangerous even deadly for dogs and they are common in  Malta unfortunately ; the most dangerous times are from May to October during sunset and sunrise;  there are no issues for humans though.
If you need more information on animals just let me know.

"Tiger Mosquitoes" appear to be ubiquitous and, I am told, sand flies live in the coastal lime stone. I live in SPB and have had to learn to live around this problem, avoiding exposure when mosquitoes are active and making sure that the fly screens are kept closed to keep the apartment clear. There are a number of mosquito repellent strategies available, the efficacy of which seems to depend on the individual as some people seem to be mossie magnets. some commercial applications contain DEET which is  a health hazard to humans as well as the wee beasties, so long term use might be best avoided in favour of traditional strategies.

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