Motorcycles in Kuala Lumpur

Hi everybody, I'm going to be 6 months in Kuala Lumpur, and my wish is to drive around using a small motorcycle (125-150cc max).
Can someone tell me about shops in KL to buy one? New or Used; no matter.
I know a famous brand called Stallion that sell nice ones in Thailand, but I don't know if they sell their bikes in Malaysia.

Most bike in KL are scooters or little semi automatic things because they're small and very easy to handle in the terrible traffic jams. They also use a teaspoon full of petrol per week, making them extremely cheap to run.
Plenty of second hand bike shops around but be careful as a lot never get serviced from new so the engines could be well worn for the miles they've travelled.
You'll have to check your licence to see it's valid for long term use.

I'd recommend using public transport if possible as the traffic is atrocious and parking is a pain.

I use a Vespa to get around and no issues, it was RM13K new. I also have a cheap 100cc motorcycle that bought for RM2000 (new)  to use for practice when getting the MC license. So there's a huge price range. If you road a bike in Thailand, so should be fine here. Same lack of order on the road,  and parking is a LOT easier with a bike in KL vs a car. Even if you want to use public transport and bike is needed just to get to the nearest train station. I personally wouldn't live in KL without a bike. We have a car and mini van as well,  but during the week I also always use the Vespa. My wife uses the car and the van sits unused.

Thanks guys for your advices. In Malaysia, do you need motorbike license for engine smaller than 125cc?

Yes, for anything larger than 50cc requires a B2 license, bigger than 250cc needs a B endorsement. TBH, it's a pain to get one, and 8 hours class, 9 hours bike course on the track   (done one hour per visit, thus 9 trips) then another 15 hours OTR.  Most people give up and don't bother, something like 75% of MC drivers don't have a license.

Wow that's tricky yes. Especially considering that it will only let you drive until 250cc bikes. Then might be better to go directly on the full option, the B endorsement.
I will think about it:)

I never planned on anything bigger than 250cc, so I did the B2, but of you might want to ever want to go larger then do the full license right away. But there are fewer schools and the full B license course is much more expensive.


You can go to Ah Hong Motor and look for bike brand name CMC or KTN.

Similar to Stallion.With 125 or 250cc.

Shop location nearby Sentul police station Kuala Lumpur.


Thanks Ariff, will have a look

Hi , you may check out here:-

Finally will start the B full license at Metro driving :)

Hello flyatr,

check … 1&st=s

there are a lot of used one as well, but be careful when buying used one.

Best, Ariful

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