English tv

Hi Guys, any idea where I can get uk tv in Shanghai?
BBC + ITV maybe Sky please please!

It's tough in China , but it is possible !!!!
I started with some of the larger VPN companies and found that they would be blocked constantly with the I Players , I have now settled with a company called VPNSANDMORE , they offer the full TV solution and so far I have not had a issue . I took a TV box from them and now have all of the UK freeview , I did have a problem at the start with my speed but now I have upgraded my line it is perfect !!!   I have also used Astril for a work VPN and that so far seems really good !! Hope this helps , where in Shanghai are you based ?? Welcome to China

I've an appartment off Nanjing W Rd.
I like the area and am finding my way round but when I do stay in I miss UK TV.
I've emailed for more info. I have a few questions but I like what I see.


I am using Hotspot Shield. It allows me yo locate myself in various parts of the world and allows me to connect from my phone/ipad/laptop at the same time and watch UK TV.
Unfortunately it is a paid service after the initial free trial.

Thanks, I ordered from the site
They have different options so I ordered something which will give me Sky TV on my iPad an iPhone.
I was sent something to download an it works great. I now have live or on demand stuff.
The box I ordered that connects to my TV giving me the same should arrive today or Monday.
I'll let you know how it works once I have it, cheers.

Thanks Steve, I'm really pleased with the UK TV products I bought from
I now have Sky BBC ITV etc.
Still finding my way around Shanghai but this has really helped me settle in.

What's more, these products work anywhere worldwide.
I may have a few months in South Korea next year so I'll be taking them with me!

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