Is a South African driving license accepted in Malaysia?

Hello all,

I will be relocating to KL in Jan '17 from South Africa.

Would anyone know if a South African driving license is accepted and if not what is the correct process to follow to get a Malaysian driving license?

Thanks for the advice!

Hi Jaco.  I am from Cape Town and  will relocate to KL in Feb. Enquire at any AA office who can help you with international drivers licence.  You will find a AA offices at any major shopping centre.  Otherwise all this info is available on Google
Mmiki and Leon Kruger.  Bloubergstrand CT

Thanks Mmiki. I will do that.

Good luck with your relocation.

Hi Jaco,

I am from Cape Town and have been in Malaysia for a couple of years. You may use your South African license here. I wanted to convert mine but I couldn't, as I am a junior staff, instead they (JPJ in Putrajaya) told me to continue using my SA license. Don't bother with the "international permit" as it is merely a translation of your SA license into several languages, of which Malay is not one of them. If you'll be here for a while it might be worth converting to a local one to avoid having to renew it back home. 

All the best

South African license was excepted in Malaysia.


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