Moving/Shipping from UK to Morocco


I'm looking to move to Morocco during Spring 2017 and would love some advice on shipping (either by boat or air) my belongings from London to Agadir. Would be the usual household goods e.g. bed, kitchen pots & pans, clothes, tv etc.
Can anyone recommend any companies and share good/bad experiences to look out for?

Thanks in advance! :)

I'm also interested in this ...any info would be great thanx in advance😀

Me too....hey why don't we all get together.....would it be cheaper?

Hi i would advise you to hire a big van and aReliable driver will be cheaper way and  Arrived safely in your conveniant time

We have just done this - we used Hamiltons Removals - really helpful and are part of a worldwide network of shippers. The guys that came to pack up our stuff were brilliant and the experience was good - admin and presales all good. Tel 01379 855203

The container goes into Casablanca - we had to get a change of residency document - they can provide a sample - which you have to get stamped and sworn at the British Embassy in Rabat (a 1000km round trip from Agadir for a 10 min meeting!) but this has to be done in person - we then hand delivered the document and all originals to the agent in Casablanca.

We are still waiting for our container - but it is now due any moment - it arrived last week  in Casa and is clearing customs as we speak. Once cleared they will deliver to us in Agadir.

Hi everyone,

@ GrahamC, could you please recommend this professional in the Moving services in Morocco section of the business directory please ?

Members will easily find the contact details if ever they need a reliable service.

Thanks in advance,

Fantastic that's a great help! Thanks very much GrahamC I'll definitely check them out. Fingers crossed you receive your belongings shortly! :)

Hi GrahamC......I bet this was expensive!

Well it was not too bad ... we were just going to buy all new, but when you worked it out it actually came in OK - Best thing is to get a quote of course but a bed is £1000, Office chairs x 2 at £1000, wardrobes, bedroom furniture etc .... £2000 ... then it soon adds up.

What we did is made a list of what we needed, had a good look round the stores in Agadir, then did the long as you have good quality stuff to bring its worth it ... if not buy new - some great stores in Morocco and so we have bought a lot of new

A spreadsheet and a trip round the stores will soon tell you if its right or not for you - resell value on even the most quality goods in the UK was really bad - so the choice for us was simple

Hope this helps

For anyone who is interested, I have had success in finding a willing carrier in, a company based in Feltham. No other courier or hauler would touch it because of the presence of the gas bottle. A little strange really when you think that every aircraft in service has these things stashed away in the doors and every ferry has loads of them stowed on deck, all with no worries about accidental inflation - but there it is. I can now buy in UK at UK prices in sterling!

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