Where is this company?

Hello everyone, as i was browsing the internet i came across this interesting forum and so i decided to join in. I'm a newbie with loads of questions to real people with real experiences. I am currently on waiting for my visa phase. As i ran through the posts in here about how long must be the waiting period for the visa i realized it must've been quite long ranging from around 3,4,6 months and even a year so i decided to grab the opportunity to work while i wait. I already have a job offer and accepted it already but i'm a bit anxious because the company has no official facebook account and i cant find it over the web but a friend of mine in kuwait told me some of her friends saw  the company in kuwait. Should i worry if the company do exist or is it just unpopular? Though i am certain that i am dealing with a legal recruitment agency.

Looking  forward for your positive response.

If they've asked for money, fair chance it's a scam.
Have they?

Thank you for the response fred. So far there was no money involved. Should  i consider other job order? Can i be blacklisted in kuwait moh and even be sued if i back out from a recruitment agency? Even though i havent signed any binding contract with them Coz another agency told me that i might be sued or even be blacklisted from kuwait moh eventhough i didnt sign any job offer/contract from them? Can they really do that?

Doesn't have a Facebook account?


There are hundreds of companies in Kuwait that aren't "connected" or have an internet presence.

Have you looked anywhere besides FB?

If you question their authenticity ask them for the contact info of people whom they have previously placed.

Good luck.

Thank you for the response and helpful piece of advice.

Yes i did try to search it besides facebook. There was one link but the address and company has different spelling.

I still trust the agency though and hope that everything will be well. 😊😊

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